SorellFX New Media

Here's the LIST of Potential Collaborators

Group Work

Let's face it folks. This can't be done alone.
Only in group work can anything get done in this complex endeavor.
Some people have a vision board, this website is my VisionBoard!
Here's where I'm outlining our alignments & potentials.

This Page is under constant research & development

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We Are FOCUSING on these Examples
as POTENTIALs for Collaboration!

Kid's Edutainment Content Developers

Our primary pitch focus is to align ourselves with a Content Developer.

Toy Design and Manufacturing

Without this component, our Franchise will not be sustainable form sales of videos alone.


We're developing our Pitch to meet the standards of these new media distribution models listed below.

Non-Profit Content Developers

Kahn Academy

One of the premiere children's learning content developers. Although they use simple graphics in their Educational Courses, we will introduce ourselves and our Franchise to them. These people are doing it right. Perhaps our Twinkle Lights could help demonstrate interpersonal learning through our characters and stories.


Kahn Academy


Non-Profit Content Distribution

FREE to the Public Open Source Paradigm

LerGO Animated Learning

FREE Animated Learning for Kids in the Cloud.
-- Just think Khan Academy but animated!

They raised $34,176 during an Indiegogo fund raising campaign and an additional $8,000 from a high-tech investor who gets it. Wow!
We thought this Open Source approach was the right idea so also we donated to their Indiegogo campaign. Congrats to the LerGO Team! You'll be hearing from us...
When they are ready, we'll sign up as Beta Content Developers.

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Educational Content Distribution

We think these Institutions should be more inclusive of those who can't "Join Now!"

SCHOLASTIC Learning Zone

The long-time children's education leader.




Commercial Video Distribution

Amazon Kid's Video

Through their cutting edge Cloud infrastructure, they serve current kid's 60 min. video tiles from $14,99 to $19.99 for HD




PBS Kids

When our 22 minute PILOT EPISODE is ready, we will consider approaching them.

PBS Kids


The power house in entertainment for children. We'll approach them later, not now.


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With some Help from our Friends, we'll be taking our cute hero and getting it to a Toy prototype.

---- Toy Line ----

This is precisely how we plan on making our teaching Franchise sustainable over the long term.

We are currently in a Research & Development stage of converting our characters into manufacturable parts. We will be seeking Toy Design Collaboration with individuals skilled at this task.


Zapoppi Keen

Toy for years 3-7

Izzy Wing

Toy for years 3-7


Toy for years 3-7


Toy for years 3-7


For Kids 3 - 9 years

An Emerging Business Model

This is the NEW paradigm. 3D Printing Technology is changing the landscape of Toys,
...and how they are made AND sold.

This is HIGH PRIORITY ITEM on our R&D schedule.
We believe we have the tools necessary to technically deliver this type of data.
We're workin' on it!




MakieLabs - Custom Printed Toys

We are looking closely at their business model!

I Can Print Toys?

..with Wardrobe

Updatable Wardrobe!

Custom Toys!
...who knew?


Custom faces can be applied to the base models

Custom faces from Photos

Custom Minifigures

Action Figure Bases

3D Printing Technical Presentation

by Goa Lobaugh

3D Printing Technical Primer

This is an in-depth video presentation on the state-of-the-art of 3D printing technologies.
As we learn there are many "approaches" and many solutions. Even bio-degradeable "Green" 3D printing solutions.

This is MUST SEE video -->

(presentation begins at 6:06)


3D Printing Technical Considerations