The Twinkle Lights Trailer V1.1 (Animatic)

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Recorded early November 2013



Our friends are on a typical outing on their way to school. As usual the winds blow our characters all around into unknown places. The open-ended randomness of the Story parameters make it ideal to convey any number of messages .
The creators of this show hope to make children much more aware of their environments at earlier ages. The ability to learn enough to make rational and reasonable decisions about how the group should proceed is our primary teaching concern. Sound rational thinking based on discovery and intuition

--------------------SCENE 1 - IZZY FLYING AROUND


IZZY WING: -- Oh Wow! ...What a fantastic morning for some flying around!

(Izzy Wing does a dance in the air)



--------------------SCENE 2 - IZZY WITH FRIENDS

-------(Izzy Wing is looking around and sees her friends.)

IZZY WING: -- Oh Look! ...There's all my friends!
IZZY WING: -- Hi Jumper, Hi Flitter, Hi Butter Cup

BUTTER CUP: -- Hi Jumper, Hi Flitter, Hi Izzy Wing



High above the tree-tops in Windy Valley...

--------------------SCENE 3 - IZZY ABOVE THE TREES

IZZY WING: -- Hi everyone, I’m IzzyWing Lightning Bug
IZZY WING: -- And this is my home here in Windy Valley.
IZZY WING: -- Isn’t it Beautiful, …isn’t It??
IZZY WING: -- Oh my, the wind’s picking up!

BUTTER CUP: -- The Wind’s coming!

FLITTER: -- Let’s go flying! (giggles and laughter)


SCENE 4 - ....Whirl-Winds!

A key element to the randomness of our stories,


--------------------SCENE 4 - Flying Around!

--------------------WindBlown WhirlWinds!

CAST: -- Ohh! .....OOOOh! .....Yeah! .....Weeee!

(giggles and laughter)

(Exciting scenes of Flying Around!)

(The Kids will LOVE IT!)


SCENE 5 - Where are We?

Learning to discern and analyze.

--------------------SCENE 5 - Where are We?

BUTTER CUP: -- Where are we?
JUMPER: -- We’re up on the mountain!
IZZY WING: -- Over there’s our town, …Style’s Creek Canyon
BUTTER CUP: -- It’s a No Fly Zone, ‘cause everyone crashes into each other!


SCENE 6 - Metamorphosis

This is one of our most technically challenging scenes. An adequate caterpillar model was not found in our market search. However, we were fortunate enough have one of our clients sponsor the expense of implementing a robust monster development toolkit. We can now develop our own designs for the Caterpillar to Butterfly morph animation from within iClone. This section in now scheduled for development in the Spring of 2014.

--------------------SCENE 6 - METAMORPHOSIS

IZZY WING: -- Ooops, oh my! Time to go…
IZZY WING: -- I’m almost late for school
IZZY WING: -- See you after my class on metamorphosis?
IZZY WING: -- Gosh, That word’s bigger than I am.

BUTTER CUP: -- What's That?

IZZY WING: -- I think it’s when a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.
IZZY WING: -- My Favorite subject!


SCENE 7 - Time for School!

--------------------SCENE 7

IZZY WING: -- OOooh! It’s time to go.

IZZY WING: -- Bye, …Gotta fly!

IZZY WING: -- I hope we can go flying together again soon!

IZZY WING: -- See ya!


SCENE 8 - Entering The School

--------------------SCENE 8 - Lesson on Metamorphosis

TEACHER: -- Good morning everyone!
CLASS: -- Good Morning!
TEACHER: -- Let's turn to today's lesson.
TEACHER: -- Who can tell me what metamorphosis means?

THE TWINKLE LIGHTS: -- It’s when a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.


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