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We expect a steady increase in demand for Animated Instructional Edu-Tainment Content Creation throughout the world -- hosted via a variety of Cloud-Based deployment schemes.
We envision an "Open-Source" infrastructure being developed that will require a great deal of animated curriculum in Math & Science teaching projects.
We intend to be poised to assist groups and institutions in technically developing curricula with our character sets or other media.
Our stories and technologies are cross-platform scalable and linguistically translatable at animation time. Our Stories are Crowd-Sourced. Our contributors live around the world and IN THE CLOUD! Our AUDIENCE is already IN THE CLOUD!

Through Speech To TEXT technology now commonplace on telephones, our writer's drop ideas into the forum. You could be one of them! Sure would be a feather in a writer's cap to get one of our shows in your portfolio!

Below are two trailer stories completed!
...and three 7 minute stories for THE PILOT EPISODE up for grabs!

STORY: Holiday '13

Over 300+ views were clicked at YouTube during the Holiday Season. One of our Software Vendors featured the 1 minute clip on the front of their Movies Showcase Page during the Holidays. Creator Mar Sorell then received an iClone Director's Certification for this first submission at REALLUSION TV... A Happy Holiday indeed!

STORY: Trailer

We are treating this Pitch Trailer Script as a Work-in-Progress. This Story Line has been recorded. This is the current rendering. I do nothing else but pay the bills and work on this. Who said, "No time for dancin' ..or lovvy dovvy, ...I ain't got time for that now!" I AM GRATEFUL for this incredible opportunity.

STORY: The Pilot

We are now looking for volunteers to offer us some story ideas. We will have 38 other 7 minute shows to do in this series. Your idea could be one of them!

Episodes for 2014

This is where YOU can be creative. This is where a KID CAN BE CREATIVE. This is where our FRIENDs can be creative. Go ahead inspire a show. Manifest your way into our writers pool. There's' plenty of 7 minute story spots availble. Let's see what you and your Soul can do. Login with us and spring from there.


This TED Animation is amazing in it's simplicity and stylized use of CG. All of our story tellers will be aware of these structures in myth making.

Look for more gems like this one as we populate this site with supporting materials related to storytelling.


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