The Look

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We've been investing in tools...

Character Diverstity

iClone's Character Builder Toolkit gives us a virtually unlimited variety of Character types. Together with the Monster Development Kit we are able to make a zillion different beings. Some people pull points, we just dial it in to where it looks awesome! ...and CUTE!


We have at our fingertips a massive library of environaments and building models that can be quickly incorporated in to flexible set designs.

Motion Capture

The Look is aided by our implementation of a reasonably priced "Mo-Cap" solution to speed up our animation pipeline and offer us more realistic gesture and posture control.

GPU Rendering

We are Rendering using GPUs, thus making the age-old concern for render times less of an impact to our workflow. Faster "dailies" makes for better iteration and evolution of our animations.

Fun Characters


Motion Capture

Fast Rendering

Stylized Birds and Flies

Stylized Characters

Flying Faeries - 1

Flying Faeries - 2

Flying Creatures - 1

Dewayne Character

Dynamic Objects

Characater Toolkits