The Crew

A Studio of One, and then some...

Mar's Bio

Mar is a 3D CGI veteran with more than 2 decades of production experience in Hollywood. Mar has worked at these LA Studios...
Sidley Wright & Assoc.
SONY Imageworks
Digital Universe
Disney TV Animation
Now Founder & President of SorellFX
Creator of The Twinkle Lights

CGI Pipeline

We are using a
Virtual Filmmaking System from REALLUSION.
What that means is...
I can produce a decent
"Saturday Morning" result -- by just doing it myself!


Are you an iClone
"Jet Jockey?"
Sorry, I can't afford to hire you right now. I'll just have to animate this stuff myself!
But I will need 3D CG
help in the future!
Stay Tuned!

Music Composition

We are in need of a catchy theme tune.
This is a huge issue for us now.
Take a listen to the opening of the Trailer.
Can you help?

Here's how you can help!