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Teaching Kids to Figure Things Out for Themselves!

I'm Mar Sorell, an experienced VFX animator in Los Angeles. I am putting the finishing touches on a Sizzle Reel to pitch a Collaborative Children's Animation Franchise. After first presenting it to our Hollywood connections, we will then offer the 22 minute PILOT DEVELOPMENT to the Universe in a Crowd-Funding environment yet TBD. We would prefer however, that a Savvy Angel "glom-on" to our franchise and Partner us to Market with force and brevity.
Here are some key elements of our intentions and needs.


At the behest of a variety of our teacher friends we are offering;
a brand new, visually exciting teaching vehicle for 3-7 year olds.

...now we're completing our Story Sizzle Trailer, take a look below!


Respect for Self
Respect for Others
Respect for the Natural World

Lessons in cooperation and revolving leadership roles are explored.

The kids learn that it's up to them to learn and try new things.


...are distilled in our website FORUM from a multi-cultural group of enthusiastic supporters intent on expressing themselves for the greater good.


...a critical factor in our ability to hold this intention, is the state-of-the-art technology we've chosen for our CG PipeLine, -- allowing one person to do all of the animation work rather painlessly.


We are aligning ourselves with a CLOUD BASED SOLUTION, such as proposed in the LerGO FREE Kids' Education Project recently funded on IndieGoGo. It's called...
--- www.LerGO.org ---
Our characters will offer training lessons and/or advice on an endless variety of topics via LerGO's Cloud Based Learning Environment.
This will require co-sponsorship between Toy Manufacturer's and Learning Institutions.

Crowd-Source Ideas to help kids understand themselves and others

Take a look at this site, and the two demo reels available to view below. We need a few great writers to collaborate with. In addition we are looking for a musical talent to compose an opening theme that we can run with. We also need a few altruistically oriented financial backers who can make sure this project keeps afloat while I work day and night to get our Reel to Sizzle! When it's HOT, we'll float that to the Universe. The more of these small monthly out-of-pocket expenses we can get covered, the faster we can bring this colorful and exciting teaching vehicle to market.

Check out our latest videos!


The Holiday Trailer

We had over 370+ views during the Holidays!


Current Trailer V1.1

This is a Labor-of-Love, Work-in-Progress Production.



Just Magical Doing...

Hi, I'm Mar Sorell

Creator of The Twinkle Lights
I'm positioning my company, SorellFX, to be a leading provider of animated story-based learning content, in the emerging field of Cloud-Based Animated Learning.


Our CG PipeLine is in Place

---- One 60 sec. Spot is Complete

Our Pitch Trailer Animatic is in Place

---- See for yourself above!

Our MOCAP System in place

---- Animated gesturing speed Increased

Our Character Toolkit Upgrade is in place

---- new Rigs & Looks are possible!

Our Mobile "ThinkTank FORUM" is in place

---- Speech to TEXT idea drops...
---- Right on your phone!


We are positioned to assist in the build-out of proposed Cloud-Based Children's Learning Networks.

Most importantly, I've got my head in "the Cloud"and I'm already doing it AND lovin' it!
Through the use of standardized formats for the transmission of 3D data, we are able to custom design characters and sets that would be compatible in interactive learning environments.

No need to hire anybody right now either,

...because I'm the one doing all the design, scripting, voice recording, animation, video post, toy design, as well as attempting to handle the legal ramifications of intellectual property security.
I work for FREE. It's my gift to teachers and kids.
We are NOT just starting this Trailer and Pitch,
we're looking for help to finish it with finesse,
...and in a timely fashion.

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Hi FACEBOOK Friends!
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What We Need Really!

Could I use an experienced Mentor? -- Sure I could!
But all I need right now is some help ensuring we have servers, connectivity, and appropriate plug-ins and licenses to allow me the peace of mind to create a killer presentation that will dazzle the imaginations of kids around the world!

Story Based Learning for Ages 3 - 9+

Cloud Based Deployment and Distribution Throughout the World!

The Twinkle Lights Line of Eco-Friendly TOYS!


Modern VFX animators need to really get the idea that an Animated Children's Series is simply a commercial to promote toy sales. Really?
George Lucas got it... ---Marvel gets it!

...did I mention the toy dolls being planned so that the project will be sustainable in the long term? We fully intend to make our toys of natural eco-friendly materials and sourced in appropriate micro-financed organizations overseas.
We'll commission one shortly, but NOT with this round of funding!

Micro-Financed Manufacturing Overseas

We encourage anyone representing Micro-Finance agencies to contact us with opportunities for the sustainable manufacturing of toys by small localized communities around the World.

Zapoppi Keen


Izzy Wing






Our Friendly Characters

Sustainable new media content development for an Animated Learning Experience Audience!


We've got a cute teaching
tool to help kids realize that it's up to them to figure it all out. The Twinkle Lights can show the kids practical examples of discovery and right action, as they find themselves constantly windblown into new and unknown environments.


Meet Our Friends



Spear-headed by the
Founder of SorellFX,
CGI veteran Mar Sorell,
our "Crew" consists of a collaborative effort with
our Voice Over Talent:
Ida Park And Jaqui Hinson.


This a collaborative
crowd-sourced venture!
Join us in support of the future of Cloud-Based Learning through the animated story. Your help will directly assist in positioning us to enter this emerging field.
Group Work is the Only Way to Effectively Succeed

We can't do it alone. The next step in the development of this unique crowd-sourced teaching vehicle is up to you.

Writers are encouraged to contribute!

Writer's FORUM
We are asking for your help in THREE AREAS:


The Story

STORY - That's what our website FORUM is about. Talk into your phone, and drop your idea as text into the FORUM. It's easy!
We are asking for ideas for the three stories embedded in our PILOT show. Our PILOT Development will follow this Sizzle Reel project we are currently seeking funding to finish. We will then have an "idea party" and try your idea on for size. If the team likes it, our V.O. actors will pick it up and run with it! If you are in LA, you could be there to be part of it!
You could find yourself as co-partner in an internationally syndicated children's series next year. No promises. Let's see how inspired you are! ...and we'll get to see how skilled I am at doing it...
Our plan is to make teachers, parents, and kids ideas shine for the world to see!

Theme Music Needed!

We've thrown together a bouncy flavoring using a track from the group Little Dragon called "RunAbout." We're open to suggestions! Hear it by clicking on the musical notes above.
Composers, --- this is a kids creative project that will look good in you Portfolio, try it out and run with it!

Finesse Funding

To expedite the conclusion of production of the Sizzle Reel Trailer I am asking for 60 days of funding. My part-time work as a video editor covers basic expenses.
Freelance projects fill in the rest, but take up very large amounts of my time. $1,000 will cover the two months of production. $2,000 would cover our initial Trademark costs. $3000 would get us a toy proto-type, and a bunch of kids t-shirts to use in our Pilot Funding Campaign. In 90 days I will have this trailer at a level ready for the scrutiny of the crowd-funding public.
I'm in it for the long haul! A savvy Angel would understand...

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Thanks to our Current Backers

I thank my current Backers for their kind support during that first critical phase of the project's startup. I also thank my colleagues who have kindly given sweat-equity support with love! My Educational Video Clients also need to be recognized for helping to keep food on the table and a roof over my head.


Executive Angel
Associate Producers

DSB Institute - $1,000+
InTerReP Agency - $1,000+
LW Institute - $1,000+
Studio "K" - $1,000
JohnsonBrosTV - $250
Danny Janssen - $250
DSA Architects - $100
Alignment Media - $100
Sirian Avatar - $50



By offering to help this lean and energized project, you can substantially reduce your Karmic Debt to the Universe!

..and maybe we'll be successful enough to offer your child a cool t-shirt too! We'll see what you can do. You can see what I can do by watching these two reels and deciding for yourself. Please take a look at our proposed cloud-based animated learning experience model, ...and we hope you'll concur that we're on to something here!

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